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Which common methods for recycling aluminum plastic medical blister?

Date:2016-01-20 12:24:29 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

1.Water and chemical separation

Aluminum plastic medical blister machine

For this method, water is required in the whole process, and heating is needed for the separation process. It generates waste water and waste smoke, which cause the environmental pollution. And the aluminum produced from this process is not clean, which is polluted and oxidized by the water. Thus the activity of aluminum produced from this process is lower than dry type process, and the selling price is 100-200 dollars lower. Also the plastic product is whity, due to the water used in the whole process. Only after the water washing, the plastic is clean and pretty.

2.Dry type electrical heating separation

Aluminum plastic medical blister machine

This way, no need to crush medical blister into small particles, the whole medical blister pieces can be put into the electrical heating separator and separated into aluminum and plastic mixture. But in this process, aluminum will have big loss. Because when heating, the plastic will melt, then some aluminum will stick on the melting plastic and cannot be separated. In the plastic cleaning process, the aluminum stick on the plastics will be lost (the aluminum loss will be about 2-3%). Plastics also have loss. And due to the electrical heating, the plastic color will become dark, which will affect the selling price.

3.Electrostatic separation

Aluminum plastic medical blister final product

The whole set electrostatic separation process has high automation, which save time and labour, mainly consume electricity, no need water, chemical and heating, thus no pollution to the environment. Now this electrostatic separation method is become more and more popular, due to the increasingly strict requirement of the environment recently. Also the aluminum and plastic separated from this process is very clean, quality and color are not changed. The plastics are small particles, which can be directly used for making new product products. And the aluminum loss is very low. Almost 99.9% aluminum can be extracted and the activity is not affected. The aluminum plastic product can be directly used for making aerated aluminum paste and aluminum powders for firework.

For our company, we mainly manufacture the electrostatic separation equipments to completely separate the aluminum plastic composites to clean aluminum and plastic. This way adopt totally dry type physical separation, does not cause secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefit.




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