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Safety measures for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

Date:2015-12-15 17:42:18 / Pyrolysis Plant

                                                                                                Waste tire/plastic safety component

1. We have the lab for testing the raw material. Every time before we buy the steel from steel market, we will test at our laboratory, like the impact and tension strength. You know for this waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant, reactor directly decides the service life of the whole machine, so is it very important of the quality of reactor.
2. We have safety valves, pressure value, thermometers, alarming and other safety devices for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant. Once the pressure of the system reach the already set pressure value, alarming will ring, if there is no one besides, pressure valve will open automatically so that waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant can run safely.
3.Oil-water device. Gas pipe goes under the surface of water, which can prevent the gas reflux to the reactor and avoid blast to ensure waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant safe running .
4.Water seal device is same with oil-water device for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant safe working.
5.Vaccum system. vacuum system is the unique device of our waste tire/plastic pyroysis plant, which can ensure the whole plant operate under a negative pressure, and escape the hazard of high pressure in the inner system.
6.X-ray test. Just now testing the material is the first step, after welding, we will use the X-ray test for testing welding crack line. If there is little leak, we will do again, you know it is very dangerous if there is any little leak during the welding, inside is oil gas, outside is fire, so test the welding is also very important for waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant.


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