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  • Vietnam installed two sets 12T waste tire to oil recycling plant
  • One set 12T waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant was installed in the Philippines
  • One set waste tyre to oil recycling plant installed in Gansu, China
  • 4 sets 12T/D used tyre recycling to oil machines being installed in Fujian, China

What's worth of recycling aluminum ?

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aluminum plastic machine

Aluminum recycling machinery

Aluminium recycling provides significant energy savings in multiple sectors:
Recycling aluminum requires 95% less energy, and produces 95% fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), than manufacturing primary aluminum. That is a GHG saving equivalent to taking 900,000 cars off the road for 12 months.
Today, the global aluminium recycling industry prevents close to 170 million tonnes of GHG from entering the environment every year.
Recycling 1 tonne of aluminium avoids the emission of about 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions – just 1 tonne of CO2 is equivalent to driving nearly 3,000 miles.
Recycling aluminium reduces the use of natural resources and chemicals (caustic soda, aluminum fluoride and lime) and eliminates the need for bauxite ore to be mined.
Well, as a starting point for answering that question, how about this: Aluminum recycling provides many environmental, economic and community benefits; it saves energy, time, money and precious natural resources; and it generates jobs and helps to pay for community services that make life better for millions of people.
Henan Doing is specialized in all kinds of waste recyling machinery ,such as aluminum recyling machine ,copper wire recycling machine ,pcb board recycling machine ,this recycling machine can turn waste into wealth .


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