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How to make plastic oil?

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plastic to  oil machine

Waste plastic to oil

With increasing plastic products consumption, waste plastic is also growing. At present in the world, waste plastic are mainly as plastic film, plastic yarn and fabric, foam, plastic packaging and containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, agricultural film and so on. Besides, cars plastic, electronic and electrical appliances supporting plastic become one of the important sources of waste plastic after these products scrap. If there is any mistake of the application and post-processing of the storing, transportation and processing of waste plastic, it will damage the environment and harm to people’s health.  

plastic to oil

Waste plastic into oil machine

Waste plastic into oil machine is an industry that converts waste plastic and other waste materials into Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon Black & Hydrocarbon Gas. The waste plastic into oil machine can reduce the volumes of the waste products and help human protect the environment.

How to make plastic oil?

plastic oil machine

Plastic to oil machine

Feed waste plastic into the reactor with auto-feeder, seal the reactor gate and begin to heat the reactor by burning fuel materials in the combustion system, the fuel material can be coal, wood, natural gas and fuel oil.
The wastage plastics are fed into the reactor vessel and heated under controlled conditions of temperature and pressure. The process will bring about molecular restructuring of the rubber under the pyrolysis process as the result; furnace oil in gaseous form is produced along with other gases.
These vaporized gases are passed through heat exchanges, where in the furnace oil is condensed into liquid form.
The oil produced by the plastic recycling machine is a synthetic oil. It can be used in generators, boilers, as heating oil, or resold as feed stock. Some older diesel engines will be able to run on it as well.



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