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  • 8 sets 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine were installed in Shanxi, China
  • 10T waste plastic and tire pyrolysis plant project in Colombia
  • One set 10T waste tyre pyrolysis machine was installed Mumbai, India
  • Congratulation of 12T Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Assembled in Guinea

Why produced waste Tyre/ Plastic Recycling Pyrolysis Plant?

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pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre/rubber/plastic

On one hand, with the modernization of the society, rubber industry develops at a rapid speed, rubber manufactures are widely used in many field of life, on the other hand, the pollution of scrap rubber & Plastic is increasing for its difficulty in disposing safely, which is also called “Black Contamination”, has become a big threat to the environment and is getting increasingly serious.
Compared to the developed countries, we are still lacking experience in treating the pollution and harm caused to the environment because of this scrap. Nowadays, the output of our tire is more than 1.3 billion, the third all over the world. The scrap tires for each year are 65million, and increase steadily year by year. So to set up a factory in each town, which could extract black carbon and tire oil from 65-million scrap tire, it is easy to find the raw material.

Product and Raw Material Market
Since along with world economies progressing by leaps and bounds, the petroleum scarce tendency has grown day by day. Since the early 90’s, the energy has become the primary factor that restricts various countries development. As per research, the petroleum in the world will be exhausted within next 15 years. Seeking the new sources of energy has become the the prime point of research.
In India, we have massive land and large population. With the rapid development of Market Economic, vehicle and machine become more and more popular, the requirement of oil market unceasing grows, our country have become petroleum-import country. You are very well aware of the rising prices we are facing now for all types of fuel due to this scarcity and it  is only going to increase.

tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic/trye/rubber pyrolysis plant

We DOING Company as a leading manufacturer in China has specialized in all kinds of waste recycling machinery for about 10 years, 5 years experience for domestic market, and 5 years for foreign trading. We  have developed and designed many kinds of waste processing machines, such as waste tire recycling machine, waste plastic recycling machine, waste oil recycling machine.


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