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Waste tyre pyrolysis plant environment protection

Date:2014-11-14 15:04:09 / News/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

Environmental Protection of waste tyre pyrolysis plant:Treatment of the three wastes in the course of production

1. Exhaust gas

Bymeans of full combustion in water seal and gas burner of safetydevices,the pollution of exhaust gas shall be eliminated and a large amount of fuel shall be saved.

2. Waste liquid

Faintlyacid waste water shall produce in the course of treatment of oil products(about 50 kg waste water each ton oil,small volume and tractable); after neutralization byadding faintlyalkaline liquor, the neutral waste water shall be harmless with three-grade filtration and be discharged into special evaporation processor to vapor (heat source is the flue residual heat of main processor).

3. Waste solid

The waste plastic will have some solid residues, which probablyaccounts for 5% to 10% of the weight of waste plastic, after being catalyzed and thermallycracked. The main component of these residues is asphalt and it thermallycracked. The main component of these residues is asphalt and it can be sold as the raw material of producing asphalt in the market.

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