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Generally, how much yield rate from waste tire and waste plastic?

Date:2013-11-15 11:16:14 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Waste plastic have a very complex oil yield rate, different plastic have different oil output rate. Like PE 95%, PP 90%, PS 90%, Plastic Cable 80%, Submarine cable 75% etc, have a high oil output rate, but there are also some other kind of plastic can not get oil like PVC and PET.
Usually from waste tire you can get 45%-50% oil rate, this according to the quality of your tire. Our Macedonia customer told us, he can get 70% oil output rate, because European tire quality is better.
Our company have the first rate laboratory and oil processing plant, we can do a free test to your raw material at any time to help you check the oil yield rate.

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