6 sets of pyrolysis reactors were delivered to Shaanxi province from DOING Factory

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On April 27, 2023, 6 sets of stainless steel oil sludge pyrolysis reactors were delivered from Henan Doing Company to Shaanxi province of China.

The Shaanxi customer ordered 8 sets of pyrolysis reactors totally to dispose of oil the waste oil sludge---coal tar oil, which is products generated from the coal mining process.

Doing pyrolysis reactor for saleDoing pyrolysis reactors delivery picture

When he first joined the oil sludge recycling business, he had no experience and chose a supplier to purchase the cheap price pyrolysis reactor. As a result, there were many problems in the operation of the equipment. Therefore, this time he carefully compared multiple manufacturers to make the best choice.

After receiving the customer's inquiry, our engineers made a special design and customization of the pyrolysis reactor according to the raw material characteristics of the customer's coal tar oil sludge: such as the material selection of the pyrolysis reactor, the design of the built-in conveying device in the reactor and the dispersion of sludge device etc., thereby preventing the oil sludge sticking and coking phenomenon.

pyrolysis reactor for saleDoing pyrolysis reactors delivered to Shaanxi province of China

There is no doubt that DOING Company has won the praise of this customer with its professional and high-quality equipment. This is why customers from more than 90 countries at home and abroad choose to buy pyrolysis reactors from us. If you are looking for high quality pyrolysis reactors at good prices, welcome to consult us.

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