100kg/d skid-mounted waste plastic pyrolysis plant in the Philippines

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Congratulations!On November 5,2022,a Philippine client purchased one set of 100kg/d skid_mounted waste plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING company.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory skid-mounted waste plastic pyrolysis plant

This set of 100kg/d skid-mounted waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a new design equipment that integreated multiple equipment such as reactor,condensing system,exhaust system and slag discharge on an integral base.This machine doesn't need install and has very compact structure.

The Philippine client who is engaged in waste plastic recycling business has visited our factory before,and he has asked our manager questions,such as factory instruction requirement,pyrolysis plant price and so on.Our business manager is also patientwith the Philippine customer.

pyrolysis plantThree types waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Compare with the conventional installation method of waste plastic pyrolysis plant ,the small skid-mounted type which has compact structure can save the costs and floor space.Inaddition to small scale pyrolysis plant,DOING company also provides batch type and fully continuous type(≥30tpd) pyrolysis plant .

DOING company engineers can also provide customized plant according clients’need and DOING welcome your enquiry.

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