2T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant ordered by Singapore

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Recently, Singapore customer ordered a set of 2T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant from DOING Factory. The Singapore customer is engaged in the plastic recycling projects locally, and has a lot of waste plastics that need to be processed. Since Singaporean customer was unable to visit the factory in person during the epidemic, he commissioned the trading company to inspect the waste plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers.

Due to the customer hashigh quality and environmental protection requirements for waste plastic pyrolysis plant, the trade company inspected many waste plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers, and the customer finally decided to purchase Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant2T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant

After the trade company had learned more about waste plasticpyrolysis plant, they agreed to visit the Doing Group company and DOING Factory, visit the DOING Factory's waste plastic pyrolysis plant prototype and learn about Doing Group equipment manufacturing process, and they had a further understanding for Doing Group company’s production strength.

Doing Group introduced the standardized delivery process of the waste plasticpyrolysis plant to the trade company, which are:

1. The business department signs a contract, confirms the equipment, and lists the demand.

2. The technical department provides detailed equipment plans according to demand, and lists drawings and lists.

3. The factory distinguishes the self-made list and the purchase list according to the list.

4. Purchasing department makes purchases according to the purchase list.

5. The factory manufactures according to the self-made list.

6. The quality inspectorsinspect, check, load and ship the finished equipment and accessories.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant2T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The entire process is accurately and rigorously completed in accordance with a standardized process.

At present, DOING Factory is manufacturing in accordance with customer requirements, and we look forward to the early start of production and operation of the customer!

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