12TPD plastic pyrolysis plant was sent to France from DOING factory

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Congratulations! DOIN factory successfully delivered the 12TPD plastic pyrolysis plant to France in early September 2020. Below is the picture of the delivery from DOING factory.

pyrolysis plant12TPD plastic pyrolysis plant sent to France

The overall project schedule of the French client is shown below.

In early 2019: Understand the project, determine the daily plastic waste, and the daily handling capacity;

At the end of 2019: Visit the DOING factory;

In early 2020: Plan to start purchasing plastic pyrolysis plant;

March 2020: Due to the epidemic, can't come to China;

From March to June 2020: Provide drawings, schemes, project introduction, emission parameter documents and on-line communication of plastic pyrolysis plant scheme contract terms;

In July 2020: Sign the contract;

In August 2020: Plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturing

Early September 2020: Completion of plastic pyrolysis plant delivery.

The 12TPD plastic pyrolysis plant will take about 30 days to arrive at the French port by sea. Due to the epidemic, our engineers cannot go to the site to guide the installation for customers, but we provide real-time online guidance for customers to install.

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