Standard operating procedure for a pyrolysis plant

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With the mature application of pyrolysis technology, many customers have gained rich profits by using pyrolysis plant. However, there are still some customers who delay the project schedule due to improper operation, or abandon the project due to the low oil output rate of the pyrolysis plant. To sum up, most of the reasons are that these investors did not pay enough attention to the standard operating procedure for a pyrolysis plant when doing pyrolysis projects, or did not operate pyrolysis plant according to the standard operating procedure at all.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant project in production

The following is the standard operation procedure for a pyrolysis plant summarized by DOING company based on the experience of assisting customers to carry out pyrolysis projects in more than 10 years for reference.

Standard operating procedure for a pyrolysis plant:

1. Feed the raw materials

Open the furnace door of the pyrolysis plant, and feed the raw materials (waste tires, waste plastics, waste rubber, etc.) into the reactor by using an automatic feeder or a conveyor belt device. Appropriate feeding shall be made according to the different handling capacity of the pyrolysis plant. After loading, close the inlet and slag outlet doors to ensure that the pyrolysis reactor is sealed.

2. Heat the pyrolysis reactor

Turn on the burner and start heating the pyrolysis reactor, then the pyrolysis reactor will start to rotate 360 degrees, so that the raw materials in the reactor will be heated uniformly. At the same time, open the induced fan on the dust removal device to absorb the smoke and dust generated by the burner. In addition, during the heating process of pyrolysis plant, the temperature meter on the buffer tank or distribution cabinet should be checked regularly and the temperature should be recorded.

pyrolysis reactorPyrolysis reactor was heated and rotates 360 degrees

3. Pyrolysis

When heated to about 160 ℃, oil gas will be produced in the pyrolysis reactor. At this point, speed up the heating speed, so that the temperature rises to 200 degrees Celsius, and then by controlling the combustion machine, so that the temperature rises slowly, using the exhaust gas combustion, so that the temperature is controlled within 200 to 300 degrees Celsius. This stage is the stage of oil production, with the most oil output and the fastest temperature rise, lasting about 4 hours.

4. Tail gas heating

In the case of only tail gas heating, the oil temperature may drop. At this time, the burner should be regulated to keep the temperature neither down nor up too fast, and keep it at about 260-300 ℃.

5. Cool the pyrolysis reactor

After the pyrolysis, close all the burner, wait for the temperature to drop to about 150 ° c, stop heating, shut down the machine, and open the cold air system above the reactor to cool the reactor.

6. Extract the residual oil gas

When the temperature drops to about 70 ° c, turn on the vacuum system, extract the residual oil gas in the pyrolysis reactor, and cool it into liquid oil through the condensation system, so as to ensure the safety and no odor of the workers when opening the furnace door.

7. Carbon black slag discharge

After the pyrolysis plant is parked for 2 hours, open the carbon black slag discharge port and turn the reactor to discharge slag. The process of carbon black slag discharge takes 1.5-2 hours.

8. Pull out the steel wire

After the carbon black is collected, open the feed door and pull out the steel wire with a wire-drawing cart. It is best to control the time within 5-10 minutes. At this point, please note that the operator is not allowed to stand in front of the feed inlet and the carbon black slag discharge outlet before the steel wire is pulled out.

9. Check graphite packing

Check whether the graphite packing is in good condition and then repeat the above operation to start the next batch of production.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis plant production line

This is the standard operation procedure for a pyrolysis plant. The correct operation process can save operation time and improve the oil output of the pyrolysis plant. In this respect, DOING company not only provides high quality pyrolysis plant, but also provides customers with professional engineers, on-site guidance for customers to operate the pyrolysis plant and training workers until the workers of customers can operate the pyrolysis plant skillfully.

More operation standard procedure details for a pyrolysis plant, welcome to consult DOING machinery.

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