What are the uses of tyre pyrolysis carbon black?

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We know that waste tyre pyrolysis plant can extract tyre oil and carbon black from waste tyres, plastic, rubber and medical waste. While tyre oil can be used directly as an industrial fuel or further distilled into a more versatile form of diesel, the uses of carbon black are less well known.

tyre pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant project

In fact, tyre pyrolysis carbon black is widely used. So the market outlook is good. It is also a source of revenue for customers who invest in tyre pyrolysis projects.

The uses of tyre pyrolysis carbon black can be divided into two main aspects: direct use and reuse after deep processing:

Direct use

1.Mixed with heavy metals to improve soil quality;

2.Used to make building bricks;

Reuse after deep processing

1. Carbon black is made of color masterbatch through deep processing, which is used as the base material for pipe and cable cover.

2. Refined grinding powder is used as additive for manufacturing new tires and paint materials;

3. Deep processing into high-quality N220 and N330 carbon black will have wider application and higher value.

4. Activated carbon production through activation treatment;

5. Carbon black can be pressed into pellets as a heating material to provide heat energy.

tyre pyrolysis plantThe uses of tyre pyrolysis carbon black

Of course, in addition to providing waste tyre pyrolysis plant, DOING company also provides customers with carbon black briquetting machine and grinding machine. Further processing of carbon black will have higher added value, making waste tyre pyrolysis projects more profitable.

carbon black briquetting machineCarbon black briquetting machine

carbon black grinding machineCarbon black grinding machine

In order to get more high quality tyre pyrolysis carbon black for get more profits, we should ensure the purchase of safe, energy saving, environmental protection, efficient waste tyre pyrolysis plant. As a supplier with 10 years of experience, DOING company can provide you with more professional equipment and project guidance. If you are interested in the tyre pyrolysis project, please feel free to contact us.

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