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The maintenance of PCB circuit board recycling machine

Date:2016-03-31 11:03:27 / Copper wire recycling machine

PCB circuit board recycling machine

The PCB circuit board recycling machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment which can process waste circuit boards and other electronic components for recycle use. During the recycling process, there is no pollution to the environment. To prolong the usage life and reduce the fault rate, it’s better for us to pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the PCB circuit board recycling machine. Thus it can get much more benefit for us. Please note as below:

1.Keep regular cleaning.
The regular cleaning for the PCB recycling machine can prevent the damage of the equipment after long time abrasion due to the ash gathering.
2.Add lubricant to the frequently-used bearings.
Remember to make equipment inspection before operation, to make sure no problem exist.

3.Keep stable voltage.
During the daily operation, you should notice the stable voltage and operate the machine in nominal voltage, thus to avoid the pverloaded operation.
4.If the machine breaks down, try not to disassemble the machine without consulting the supplier. You should know the fault cause at first, and then make the maintenance.  If you don’t know how to repair it, please contact the supplier.
5.The PCB circuit board recycling machine should be operated by the trained workers, thus to avoid the damage to the machine caused by wrong operation.


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