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Waste PCB circuit boards recycling machine

Date:2016-03-24 15:42:51 / Copper wire recycling machine

Waste PCB circuit boards recycling machine

As the technology developed rapidly, there are more and more e-waste generated, like used circuit boards and leftover materials. For example, there is more than 3000 tons waste circuit boards generated per day in our Zhengzhou city.
Actully there are still many rare metals in the waste circuit boards which are very valuable, such as copper, gold, silver, lead, tin, etc. Except the metals, circuit boards also have some nonmetal materials, like epoxy resin, phenolic resin, curing agent and glass fiber. These materials all can be recycled for new use.
So after long time study, we developed the scrap circuit board (PCB) recycling machine, which can be used for separating the metals and non metals from the waste PCB for recycle use. Among the metal products, lead and tin are very less, gold and silver are very difficcult to be separated, but copper has the highest content. So copper is the main metal product you can get high benefit from. You can directly sell this copper metal product to the metal processing factory or recycling station. The other resin powder can be sold to be made into floor tiles, decoration materials, insulation materials and furnitures.


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