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Why we developed the waste tyre pyrolysis machine?

Date:2016-02-26 10:14:25 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

pyrolysis machine

Waste tyre

With the development of automobile industry, tyre demand is increasing day by day. According to statistics, 50%-55% raw rubber are used for tyre manufacture every year.  However, waste tyre pollution problem exists in each countries. More and more waste  tyres not only take up the farmland but also become a breeding ground for diseases, which causes pollution and threaten people’s life.Henan Doing produced continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can solve the problem.

waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Conintuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Waste tyre pyrolysis machine is the equipment line which can process waste tyres to fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire for further use.
As the vehicle increasing with the improving living standard, more and more waste tyres generated every day. And waste tyres as a solid waste not only occupy the land, the most important is it cause pollution to the environment. So how to dispose the waste tires becoming more and more necessary. That’s why we developed the waste tyre pyrolysis machine.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine

The raw material of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine

But at first the waste tyre pyrolysis machine is batch type, which has low automation and mainly operated by labour. This batch type pyrolysis machine needs to be stopped after every process for discharge residues (carbon black and steel wire) and feeding tires again. For one complete process, it takes about 16-20 hours, almost one whole day. And this batch type pyrolysis machine cannot process big quantity feedstock. For safety consideration, it only can process at most 12 tons tyres per day. This is enough for the personal business. But for large scale waste tyre dealing companies or government projects, this kind of batch type waste tyre pyrolysis machinemay not meet their demand. So, as the increasing demand of the market and improving technology, last year we just developed a new design as continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine.


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