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  • 8 sets 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine were installed in Shanxi, China
  • 10T waste plastic and tire pyrolysis plant project in Colombia
  • One set 10T waste tyre pyrolysis machine was installed Mumbai, India
  • Congratulation of 12T Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Assembled in Guinea

How can I sell the tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic oil?

Date:2016-02-18 14:30:28 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ/ Give me the price/Leave a message

pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre /plastic pyrolysis plant

Doing manufactureers and suppliers  pyrolysis plant is designed to turn the waste tyre /plastic/rubber to fuel oil ,carbon black and steel wire.The waste tyre/plastic/rubber around you ,in fact ,they are wealthy ,the pyrolysis plant can craeative huge profit for you.We can get fuel oil from waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant

Tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic oil will sell this industial

The tyre pyrolysis oil and plastic oil of Doing is used widely,because oil is an energy, hotels, restaurants, bath center, diesel stoves, boilers, mostly using this oil as fuel, other power plants, ceramic plants and many other enterprises to use more of this fuel. In addition, this oil through the oil processing and reconciling national standard can be directly used as fuel engine.


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