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Customers from Lebanon coming to visit our waste tyre recycling plant factory

Date:2016-01-11 15:13:21 / News/ Give me the project information/Leave a message

pyrolysis machine

                                                             Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Just after the New Year 2016, we will receive new guests Mr Zahi and Mr Joseph to visit our factory for more research of this waste tyre recycling pyrolysis oil project, and if everything ok they will made the decision very soon, since they are planning to put waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant into production in June the Summer time of Lebanon. Mr Zahi and Mr Joseph are brothers, and Zahi lives in America now, this time. They will cooperate to install one set waste tyre recycling  pyrolysis plant  and one set waste oil distillation machine.They wanna get diesel oil from waste tyres and used the diesel got from tyre for generators. Zahi and Joseph found us because we have installed waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation machine in Lebanon in the year 2014. It happens we will deliver the pryolysis plant  and oil distillation machine for our Columbia customer, so it is also lucky for Zahi and Joseph since they could see the machine delivery during this visit.



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