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  • Vietnam installed two sets 12T waste tire to oil recycling plant
  • One set 12T waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant was installed in the Philippines
  • One set waste tyre to oil recycling plant installed in Gansu, China
  • 4 sets 12T/D used tyre recycling to oil machines being installed in Fujian, China

Which industrial use tire pyrolysis oil as fuel?

Date:2015-12-29 16:41:19 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

Fuel oil application

The main application of oil products produced by Doing waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant is the fuel oil that is wide used for industrial and commercial purposes

A.Power plant factory
B.Glass factory
C.Cement factory
D.Ceramic fatory
E.Aluminum factory
F.Boiler factory
G.Central heating factory
H.Painting factory



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