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  • 8 sets 12T waste tire pyrolysis machine were installed in Shanxi, China
  • 10T waste plastic and tire pyrolysis plant project in Colombia
  • One set 10T waste tyre pyrolysis machine was installed Mumbai, India
  • Congratulation of 12T Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Assembled in Guinea

Working in Waste/Scrap Tire – A Growing Industry

Date:2013-06-26 20:59:27 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

There is likely no other waste as difficult to dispose of as rubber tires. What are tires made of anyway? How could countless groups of scientists and inventers fail so miserably in making profitable use of waste rubber tires?

Our country has taken administrative and technology measures to prevent and control the "white pollution"and “Black contamination” at present. Currently this is what is happening with most of the tires presently being recycled in China each year.

To deal with the waste/scrp tire is a a very complex question, through we can use them after treatment  in ground rubber market or landfill them, we feel that the best choice for disposing the scrap tires is the suitable treatment. We here are Doing are knowledgeable in many of these markets. We would be happy to assist you in protecting environment with waste tyre pyrolysis plant to recycle “Black contamination” and “White Pollution”.

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