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The mean to treat with “black contamination” is so important for human

Date:2013-06-26 21:03:42 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Waste tyres/scrap tires are considered as a complex problem, for the reason is that they are difficult to dispose with normal means such as leaving them in a landfill to decay or incinerating them. The volume of a tyre is generally fairly large, the space a great deal of waste tires occupied is so vast as well. As tyres’ nature we can not compress or fold in order to reduce the space waste tyres occupied at landfills and also not degrade easily because of their chemical and physical feature. The mean of treatment to waste tyres is not so appropriate that the following problems often be caused all over the world :

Land occupation

Waste tyres/scrap tires are discarded in the environment, occupying large size of land.

Human health problems

On the one hand, waste tyres/scrap tires discarded inndiscriminately and illegally especially be caught in the rain will provide breeding space for mosquitoes and other vectors of diseases as malaria, denge and yellow fever. And other disease carrying pests such as rats can also live in waste tyres.
On the other hand, the composition of tyres including hazardous chemicals like cadmium, lead and chromium which can cause further risk to human health and the environment if we dispose of waste tyres inappropriately into the environment.

Fire hazard

Deliberate or unintentional fire because of burning tyre can be very difficult to extinguish especially when the pile is very huge involving about ten million waste tyres. Significant pollution such as thick, black, foul smelling smog from the burning rubber is produced. The smog can cause a number of environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution and so forth.

So it is so important for us to treat with waste tyres with the proper mean. Doing waste tyre pyrolysis plant, also called tire oil machine, can not only refine oil, carbon black, steel wire from waste tyres without pollution, but also can renew energy so as to save energy source.

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