How to clean used oil for reuse?

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Many people don't know that used oil can be reused through reprocessing. The best way is to refine the used oil into diesel oil. The utilization rate of diesel oil is very high, which can maximize the secondary utilization of used oil.

The reuse of used oil mainly uses waste oil distillation machine. First, the waste oil is distilled at a high temperature. In this link, Doing adopts a dual heating system for heat transfer oil and burner, which can speed up the distillation and improve production efficiency. The oil and gas produced after reaching a certain temperature is catalyzed by the catalytic tower into the condensation system, and the oil and gas are condensed into oil under the action of low-temperature cooling. At this time, the color of the oil is still heavier, and after filtering it many times, you can get clear and light diesel.

waste oil distillation machineHow to refine waste oil into diesel

The diesel refined from used oil has the environmental protection characteristics of low energy consumption and low pollution, so it has a wide range of uses and markets, which can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery. In addition , the products of waste oil refining include asphalt, which can be used directly for road paving or sold to an asphalt plant for refining.

waste oil distillation machineApplication of diesel

Doing's waste oil distillation machine not only has high production efficiency, but also refines diesel with high purity. The entire process is equipped with environmental protection devices, which can meet the environmental protection standards of various countries. If you want to know more details, you can contact us at any time.

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