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The significance of waste tires recycling(machine) to be known

Date:2013-06-26 18:43:15 / Industry Trends

With the rapid development of national economy and the people's living level, our country has become a rubber resources consumption power. At present, in China annual average rubber consumption accounts 30% for the total rubber consumption of the world, in China more than 70% of the natural rubber and more than 40% of the synthetic rubber need to be imported, the contradiction between supply and demand is very outstanding, the influence on the shortage of rubber resources to the national economy development is becoming increasingly.
Tyre is the most major rubber products in China. In 2009,in China tires consumption accounts about 70% for the total resource consumption, per year233 million waste tires are produced, equaled at about 8.6 million tons, or more than 300 ten thousand tons about rubber resources, if we can recycle all waste tires, which is equivalent to natural rubber production of China that production time is five years.

On the disposal of the waste tires recycling, we has initially formed four big business sector that is  waste tires to be refurbished and manufactured reclaimed rubber, rubber powder and pyrolysis.

Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the highest and the newest technology enterprises which specializes in manufacturing waste plastic/tire/rubber pyrolysis machines  tires recycling machine  and deep processing carbon black.
   Our factory is located in Xinxiang City, being adjacent to Zhengzhou to the south and No. 106 and No.107 National Road and Zhuhai Expressway to the east. It takes only one hour from Xinxiang to Xinzheng Airport by car. The transportation is very convenient.

We provide a strong quality assurance for our products.

We pursue our marketing idea of "customer first", offer feasibility analysis reports before sale, arrange to see live cases and provide good sales services.

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