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The importance of waste tires recycling(machine) by national governments

Date:2013-06-26 18:40:06 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

In order to recycle the waste resources including waste tires/tyres and waste plastics, many countries have taken a series of policies and measures to encourage the reutilization of waste tires/tyres.

The waste treatment and utilization has a long history. In 1990s, with the development of productive forces, people further centralize to the city. The consumption level increased quickly, the growing emissions of "three wastes" and more public nuisance with each passing day, have become a serious environmental problems. After 1960s, environmental protection begins to attach importance of the social public and the countries all over the world, especially developed countries, pollution prevention and waste recycling technology has developed more rapidly. Since the 70''''s, in United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, France and Italy, the impact of the oil crisis make resources more prominent problems, the reason why is waste plastics/tires/tyres or other waste placed more nervously, the cost of dealing with is higher, in Japan the conception of resources recycling is proposed first in scientific and technological circles, has been got the attention of the international community, and caused the attention of people increasingly. Many countries successively formulated the related laws and regulations to protect environment, the development trend from negative disposal to actively use also can be seen from the legislation. In fact, the comprehensive waste materials recycling has been attached great importance to from folk to the government at all levels in our nation. Such as waste tires/tyres machine, produced by Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd, is composed by 13 parts, which are reactor ,transmission device, catalytic chamber, cooling tube, heavy tank ,oil-water separator, condenser, lightoil tank, safety device, vacuum system, dedusting system, draft fan, chimney, the main character is safety, environment friendly,  longer life, energy saving.

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