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Common sense about waste plastic(1)

Date:2013-06-26 18:44:40 / Industry Trends

According to statistics, about 5 million tons waste plastic are produced every year in China.  Plastic materials is a part of chemical synthetic raw material, can not be naturally decomposed, especially the visual pollution caused by the waste plastic packaging and plastic mulch discarded by people, which is so-called "white pollution", and the potential harm to the environment caused by the waste plastic, has caught the universal attention of national leaders, government and social. But, of waste plastics the source and characteristic, we need to reevaluate professionally, so that we can recycle waste plastics, such as waste plastic recycling machine, waste tires recycling plant/equipment  can help us.

The resource of waste plastic is wide, and mode of occupation complex, so we must dispose waste plastic, then to recycle. The category includes as follows:

In the chemical industry used bag, barrel, etc

In the textile industry waste containers, artificial fibre, etc.

In the Appliance industry packing materials, foam anti-shock pad, etc

In the construction industry building materials, pipe materials.

In the filling industry in shrinkable film, stretch film, etc.

In the food processing industry turnover box, egg trays .

In agriculture the film, fertilizer bags and shelter.

In the fishery fishnet floating ball, etc.

From scrap vehicle, the bumper, fuel battery box, etc.

After consumption waste plastic

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