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Feasibility analysis of waste plastic to oil

Date:2014-02-25 14:31:02 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Henan DOING Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing waste tyre recycling machine, waste plastic to oil plant, waste rubber recycling to oil equipment and waste engine oil distillation to diesel machine.etc. Environmental pollution is very serious now, so, if it is necessary convert plastic to oil? Whether Waste plastic to oil can improve today’s environmental pollution problems? DOING company will do a detailed analysis for you below:

1.Established a unique system about quality assurance, developed successful specifically for the waste tyre&plastic pyrolysis, whichhave passed the Technical Supervision.

2.After determined the scale of investment in the economy, to the diffusion density urban and rural areas, the lowest measured the cost of collection, transportation, science and design of Nissan's best 1-10 tons of diesel plant scale production of its equipment, closed- clean operation, oil-producing fast, good quality oil, the oil has explosive strength, resistance to combustion engine without any side effects and so on. The fuel conversion rate of 85 % -90 %, 1 ton of waste oil or waste plastic oil can produce 0.9 tons of diesel oil. Efficient gas heating system in the refining process will produce a large temperature and pressure cannot be liquefied gases - methane to butane. After these gases in our specially designed combustion gas nozzle to produce a lot of energy, not only greatly save energy, but also greatly improve the production efficiency. No secondary pollution. This technique of turning waste into treasure is not only solving the waste oil pollution but also the development of new sources of energy, their social benefits far outweighs the economic benefits. According to incomplete statistics, China's daily production of about various waste plastic waste rubber tire. Nearly 30 million tons of waste oil production is so large, and the recovery rate is very low, the development and utilization of broad prospects for the production of diesel oil , resources rich , but also a state

supported object, and the production process is simple, easy to master technology, intuitive and strong, suitable for factories, collective and individual production.

3.Consummate technology, unique mode of operation, low cost, high efficiency operation to ensure that the project can be profitable.The national environment protection Agency will let waste plastic, waste rubber ,waste oil as one of the three key areas of the 21stcentury, the main environmental control, waste tires, waste plastics, waste rubber pyrolysis to oil industries will be the most potential industries of the 21st century.

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