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Waste tire recycling management approach

Date:2014-02-10 18:51:32 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

With the rapid development of China's social vehicles, waste tires and waste of resources to environmental pollution issues become more prominent, and the recycling of waste tires currently no specific use of industrial policy, even internationally recognized harmless, resource utilization tires production rubber powder industry , not yet included in the government's industrial directory, so that foreign investment in the sector and private investors encounter legal obstacles, but also to various government departments have no laws at work. Legislation and policy lag developments affecting the use of waste tire recycling industry, which is incompatiblewith the basic strategy of China's basic national policy of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Since January 21th, 2002, Vice Premier Li made important instructions on the waste tire recycling, the relevant government departments to develop "waste tire recycling management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") done a great job. In May and June 2003, the new leadership of the State Council vice Premier Zeng and do it twice on this important instructions, which greatly promoted the country’s waste tire recycling legislation. Early introduction of "measures" are the majority in the processing and utilization of waste tire recycling business expectations, but also the practice of recycling economy, the need to implement a sustainable development strategy. Develop "measures" should mainly includes industrial policy, charging systems, recycling systems, and other aspects of the regulatory mechanism.

Europe and other developed countries, and Taiwan Province of China in the late 1980s would have been on the management of used tireslegislation, these laws point is: in accordance with the polluter pays principle, the collection of consumer tires tire recycling fee, the establishment of special fund for social dispersed concentrated waste tire recycling; send the processed waste tire recyclingproducts business to do, and the subsidies paid from a special fund; engaged in recycling waste tire processing enterprises with lowtax rates to encourage private investment; award forced to promote the use of renewable resources and products. For example, the developed countries in its "Government Procurement Law" clearly states: in government procurement (all government investment projects) bidding precedence recycling products. America's "comprehensive land transport Economic Law" provisions in 1038: government -funded road construction investment or waste tire rubber modified asphalt must be used. In another example, the state of California for thestatus quo to produce annually 30 million waste tires, promulgated the "waste tire recycling law," and to develop the state's waste tire recycling management five-year plan. Thus, waste tire processing fee charged to pay for the waste tire recycling social environment of public service costs, the establishment of a virtuous cycle mechanism is an effective management practices commonly used in developed countries, we can learn from.

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