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New policy of Australia that gives a greenlight for tyre recycling machine

Date:2013-08-27 16:27:30 / Industry Trends

A report from 2003, cited by the EPA, says that markets ("both recycling and beneficial use") existed for 80.4% of scrap tires, about 233 million tires per year. Assuming 22.5 lbs per tire, the 2003 report predicts a total weight of about 2.62 million tons from tires.

The markets predicted by the 2003 report were: tire recycling and derived fuel (TDF) using 130 million tires, civil engineering projects using 56 million tires, ground rubber turned into molded rubber products using 18 million tires, ground rubber turned into rubber-modified asphalt using 12 million tires, Exported items using 9 million tires, cut, stamped and punched products using 6.5 million tires, and agricultural and miscellaneous uses 3 million tires.

There is a new policy about tyre recycling that Australia government will up.

Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water Services, Amanda Rishworth MP, has congratulated the tyre recycling industry on receiving the green light for a national Tyre Stewardship Scheme.

“The ACCC’s decision is great news for the environment,” Ms Rishworth said. “When up and running, the scheme will help increase domestic tyre recycling, expand the market for tyre-derived products and reduce the number of Australian end-of-life tyres that are sent to landfill, illegally dumped or exported."

“Only a small proportion of these tyres are recycled or used as a fuel for energy. Under the new scheme, tyre importers, distributors, consumers, collectors and recyclers will work towards ensuring the vast majority of end-of-life tyres are dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.”

Ms Rishworth said disposal through landfill, dumping or export represents the loss of a valuable resource.

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