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  • Small scale 100KG/Batch waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to Mexico
  • 15TPD Semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant installed in Hubei, China!
  • Two sets of 12TPD waste tire recycling plant were installed in Guangxi, China
  • 30TPD full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant project installed in Kazakhstan!
  • 12 sets of 12T waste tire recycling to oil machine installed in Guangxi, China
  • Six sets 15T tyre pyrolysis plant were installed in Hunan, China

DOING tyre pyrolysis plant run in Georgia

Date:2020-10-26 16:30:39 / Pyrolysis plant video

This is DOING's waste tyre pyrolysis project installed in Georgia. In this video, we can see the complete operation of the tyre pyrolysis plant. First, the pyrolysis reactor is heated by heating furnace, and oil gas will be produced in the reactor. After cooling system, oil gas will be cooled into liquid oil, which will be collected into the oil tank.

Most importantly, our tyre pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly, and the final emission is white smoke, which can be reach emission standards.

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