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  • Small scale 100KG/Batch waste tire plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to Mexico
  • 15TPD Semi-continuous waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant installed in Hubei, China!
  • Two sets of 12TPD waste tire recycling plant were installed in Guangxi, China
  • 30TPD full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant project installed in Kazakhstan!
  • 12 sets of 12T waste tire recycling to oil machine installed in Guangxi, China
  • Six sets 15T tyre pyrolysis plant were installed in Hunan, China

Continuous tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturing site

Date:2020-07-01 18:42:17 / Pyrolysis plant video

This video shows the manufacturing process of our newly designed continuous tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant in our factory. You can see the production scene of our factory without visiting our factory in person.

As a professional machinery equipment manufacturer, we have skilled workers, and complete production facilities. The production and manufacturing of continuous tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant can be completed within the planned time. If you happen to need our continuous tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant, you can contact us directly.

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For more information about Continuous tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturing site please kindly leave your requirments and your contact information. Our professional project manager will contact you within 24 hours.

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