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OTR tire side cutter

Date:2017-04-13 17:37:55 / Tire cutting machine

OTR tire side cutter introduction

OTR tire cutting machine

OTR tire  side cutter

This OTR tire  side cutter is used for waste OTR tire breaking, which can cut the sidewall off from the OTR tire and then benefit the next step tire split. It is used for 1600~3600mm waste OTR tire processing.

OTR tire  side cutterGeneral operation

Place the OTR tire on the rotatory table, lock the link mechanism to fix the OTR tire bead, start the machine, grab the handle to push the rotary arm and put the knife on close to the edge of sidewall( pay attention to adjust the upper limit screw on the column), then slowly put down the knife to finish the OTR sidewall cut-off.

About OTR tire  side cutter delivery

OTR cutting machine for sale

OTR tire  side cutter

Before OTR tire  side cutter loading in our factory, we will dismantle some of its parts to make sure it can fit for the container. Usually, we will mark the dismantled parts, and when the OTR sidewall cutter arrived, we will instruct our customers how to assemble all parts together.

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