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Japan: the new drive power wind power and other new energy spread

Date:2013-06-26 14:10:37 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Nuclear accident, Japan to speed up the adjustment of both energy strategy, to reduce the dependence on nuclear power development, before this once suppressed the development of renewable energy industry momentum began to accelerate. According to the Japanese government''''''''s latest plan, to 2030, renewable energy power generation in power the proportion of the total will be present in from about 10% to about 30%. In order to accelerate renewable energy popularization, the government of Japan from the policy level increase guide and stimulus efforts, especially in July this year to start the implementation of the" total amount of electricity purchased system", for enterprises to invest in renewable energy industry into a booster.

Thrust power new

Starting in July of this year, Japan will implement the new renewable energy" power total purchase system". According to this system, the major Japanese electric companies have an obligation to the corresponding fixed price to buy the use of renewable energy to generate electric power.

The Japanese authorities hope that, this system is comprehensive spread out and implemented, will greatly promote renewable energy in Japan''''''''s popularity, in the long run, also contribute to the cultivation of the Japanese in the renewable energy industry technology chain management advantages.

This year in April 25th, province of Japanese economy industry under a Commission formally set up each kind of renewable power purchase price and purchase of fixed duration. In the setting of the purchase price and terms, the Committee fully listen to the views of renewable energy power generation enterprises, to ensure that the price set helps to encourage enterprises to participate in or expand in renewable energy investments.

In Japan, the renewable energy is divided into five categories, namely, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass fuel. According to the different type of energy and power, the committee set different price segments. Its basic principle is that, in the enterprise power required based on the cost of" subsidy" certain profit space.

Solar power as an example, once the electricity price is 42yen, to buy time according to different power setting for 10 years or20 years. Wind power generation for the price of 23.1yen / degree ( more than 20 kilowatts of power ) or 57.75 yen / degree ( below 20 kilowatts power ), for a period of 20 years. Others such as geothermal power purchase price of 27.3 yen / degrees - 42yen / degree, small and medium-sized hydropower25.2 yen / degrees - 35.7yen / degree, biofuel is 13.65 yen / degrees - 40.95yen / degree, in addition to geothermal power purchase for a period of 15 years, all the others for 20 years.

Set purchase period, is mainly based on the expected every kind of renewable energy in this deadline can realize low cost, thus eliminating the need for protection, the enterprise can obtain the ability of competition in the power market. But in the purchase period, economic industry province will be based on market penetration, each year the redefinition of the purchase price, resulting in the renewable energy power generation enterprises and users to ensure fair, also helps prevent the market into a disordered state.

Renewable energy project blowout

This system after the announcement, relevant industry and the market confidence levels. According to the China Electric Power Group Corporation introduced Suntech in Japan, the company has received inquiries, many enterprises hope in their own factory roof laying on the solar battery board, only one day in April 25th the company achieved dozens of pavement protocol. The legal representation, economic industry province set price beyond the industry is expected this year, the company sales is expected to double in japan.

East Japan after a major earthquake, took the lead in the industry to participate in large-scale solar photovoltaic industry Softbank Corp of Japan said, given the fixed price purchase system helps enterprises to participate in the new industry of cost accounting, the future will consider further increase in large-scale solar power projects.

Softbank''''''''s responsible for solar power generation business" energy company SB" has been announced in March this year, as the first wave of investment, in Kyoto, Gunma, Tokushima Miken ahead to build the capacity for the sum of12.2 MW solar power station.

According to its vision of the future, build solar power projects total size will reach200 megawatts, roughly equivalent to the first nuclear power plant three unit power output. Thereafter, Softbank in April and announced plans to build about 480hectares of land in Hokkaido, Japan at present the biggest200megawatt solar power station.

Sharp, KYOCERA and other Japanese major solar cell manufacturers also recently announced in Hokkaido, Tochigi Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, solar power station construction plan. Mitsubishi Sumitomo commercial, such as a large trading company, Japan announced in Fukushima Prefecture a national park planning and construction of large geothermal power station. Mitsui Chemicals and the Toshiba Co program in Aichi Prefecture Construction of large-scale solar energy and wind power integrated power station.

The birth of new industrial clusters

In addition to power enterprises, renewable energy ''''''''s popularity to Japanese manufacturing industry is expected to bring new business opportunities, and create a new industrial cluster.

Province of Japanese economy industry of new energy industry research a report published in March that, along with the renewable energy market participants and the increase of the diversification of demand, domestic and international competition will become increasingly fierce, at the same time will inspire new industry group. New industry opportunities not only appear in the renewable energy industry, including energy control machinery, storage battery, the IT electrical appliances, electric cars and other related machinery and equipment, as well as the upper parts, materials, engineering and design market.

Report to the solar photovoltaic industry economic effect as an example, if in the Japanese domestic production of 1000 sets of three thousand watts of solar power generation equipment, economic effect will include production level of 544700000000 yen. Value added level of 231900000000 yen, and23000 new jobs.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Industry Survey Department report that, from the cost, market, technology maturity and other factors to consider, wind power is the most promising to become Japan''''''''s competitive advantage of industry clusters. The report points out, a large windmill from ten thousand to twenty thousand parts, spare parts procurement costs accounted for70% of the windmill manufacturing cost, including spare parts industrial chain dimensions can and the automotive industry. From the new industry point of view, Japan was necessary to achieve windmills homemade, build and expand domestic spare parts supply chain.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Industry Survey Department Ushi Yasuhiko tells the author, as a result of Japan''''''''s domestic wind power has just started, the market is not mature, to a certain extent affected Japan windmill manufacturers in the global wind power market, such as Japan''''''''s largest windmill manufacturer MITSUBISHI heavy industries in the global share of only 2%, while the Japanese domestic operation windmill80% Europe and the United States is the enterprise production. But in fact the Japanese domestic enterprises in the wind power industry parts manufacturing is very competitive, large bearing, carbon fiber and windmill parts and materials global market share is very high. Once the domestic wind power market to expand, Japan is expected to create a new industrial cluster.

He also suggested that, in view of Chinese enterprises in the wind power generation and wind power equipment manufacturing, has a strong strength, Sino-Japanese two countries in equipment manufacturing division of labor, technology R & D and wind power plant operation and other aspects of cooperation.

Province of Japanese economy industry of new energy industry research, the sea wind television for the Japanese wind power industrial breach, and the onshore wind power, offshore wind power on the destruction of the environment and noise pollution is relatively small, large-scale construction site of the potential, power high stability. In addition, offshore wind power can give full play to the Japanese competitive shipbuilding, offshore platform and other industry technical reserve.

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