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Hitachi water source variable-refrigerant-volume

Date:2013-06-26 14:09:52 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

The energy is the human survival and social prosperity of the important foundation of modern society, quality of life, often is the establishment in the serious energy consumption based on. The energy crisis and environmental pollution have become the two major problems, low carbon calls in this case is increasingly rising, people are convinced that only the development and utilization of new energy and social development is the best choice.

As a global HVAC fields especially in VRF technology leader in the field of Hisense, Hitachi in1996 developed the world''''''''s first water system, not only the use of traditional energy, but a successful blend of multi-connected air conditioner air-cooled and water-cooled chiller technical advantages, and lead the VRV product "multiple " development. A few days ago, Hisense Hitachi again with " renewable energy" as the theme, in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Beijing and other big city" have been held in many online Pioneer Technology Forum", actively with the industry experts discuss HVAC field on renewable energy products to promote the use of.

Hitachi water multi frequency central air conditioner through the heat pump technology, can effectively utilize the low temperature pipe City, rivers and the sea water, sewage source of low grade heat source for building cooling and heating, operation process and no exhaust emission, low noise, no water consumption, truly realized for renewable energy clean utilization. In addition, Hitachi water multi frequency central air-conditioning host stepless frequency conversion technology, system, comprehensive energy efficiency coefficient is high, to meet the industry''''''''s top level the installation, the host is small and flexible, with long piping design, engineering application of stronger in the control unit, stable and reliable performance, unit adopts intelligent control, can be linked into focus control system, more scientific management, more convenient.

In this excellent products on the basis of Hisense, Hitachi Hitachi adhering to over 20 years in the field of central air-conditioning leading edge technology has carried on the innovation, in 2011August launched the world''''''''s first full operating mode water multiple system, combined with the Hitachi in the industry take the lead in the storming of the cryogenic heat transfer technology, many online applications in fields a great expansion, further laid a Hitachi in water source variable-refrigerant-volume market leading position

Hitachi full working water source multi-couple unit with variable load flexibly, part load efficiency is high, with free and varied features, in addition to water source heat pump unit with high efficiency, stable operation of the advantages in the condition of the environment, operating range is more common source multi-couple there is nothing comparable to this advantage. Hitachi full working water source variable-refrigerant-volume minimum operating temperature is -8℃, broke through the water source variable-refrigerant-volume application restricted geographical region, the wide application range, applicable to North China, East China, central China, southwest of Southern China, most of the safe and stable operation of unit area, and can effectively solve the cold winter high heat problem at the same time, Hitachi full working water VRF can adapt to the soil source conditions, a variety of environmental conditions, can be completely covered by standard of groundwater, underground loop type and building water ring, all three conditions, comprehensively overcome many online product water heat exchanger technology difficult problem, make itself advantage VRF technology can more buildings, wider scope of application.

With the "low carbon economy " advance and improved quality of life, more and more buildings in energy saving, comfort, flexibility and so on air conditioning products has put forward higher requirements, can foreknow Hitachi source frequency conversion will become the central air-conditioning products in the camp of the advantages of products, and will get more extensive application, the use of renewable energy will become the HVAC industry for the next task, and Hitachi, has gone in front.

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