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Distillation from waste plastics oil delivery to Palestine

Date:2016-06-15 18:44:03 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Our customer from Palestine bought one set of 5 ton capacity of distillation for his waste oil.
And he can also recycle plastics oil and waste tire oil by the same machine.
Our distillation can recycle waste crude oil /pyrolysis oil /used motor oil/ engine oil into a variety of products - petrol for cars, fuel oil for heating, diesel fuels for heavy transport, bitumen for roads.

The advantages of our distillation from waste plastics/tire oil
1.Fast heating
The unique fast heating system is especially designed for shorten working time.
In market, mostly are horizontal reactor or old design for plastic to diesel distillation machine which take about 3-5days to finish one batch.
2.Easy slagging
Vertical reactor make slagging from bottom automatically and fast.
3.Energy saving
Fast heating system keep temperature even after slagging and you can use for next batch so is energy saving.
Strict quality control system and professional safety devices guarantee our plastic to diesel distillation machine running safely and win a good reputation from customers.
5.Environmental friendly
Professional dedusting systems ensure our plastic to diesel distillation machine runs zero pollution.
At the beginning of June, we deliverred our distillation for him, here are some delivery pictures:

Distillation from waste plastics oil delivery to Palestine

If you also need to refine your waste engine oil/tire oil/plastics oil/crude oil into diesel, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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