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  • Vietnam installed two sets 12T waste tire to oil recycling plant
  • One set 12T waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant was installed in the Philippines
  • One set waste tyre to oil recycling plant installed in Gansu, China
  • 4 sets 12T/D used tyre recycling to oil machines being installed in Fujian, China

PCB Recycling Machine

Date:2015-09-14 11:06:33 / Copper wire recycling machine/ Give me the price/Leave a message

pcb recycling machine

PCB Recycling Machine

To be used for the separation of scrap metal and nonmetal waste board of dry production line of the old board, CCL, circuit boards and scrap materials. The successful development of the aircraft will not only improve the quality of the recovery of copper, and prevent secondary pollution.
The production line of the waste board regenerative processing take three crushed, making it a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; then through the wind and electrostatic separation process route of the separation of metal and resin. To prevent dust pollution in the process in airflow separation process, plus pulse dust removal device, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

Feature of PCB Recycling Machine

pcb board recycling machine    

Feature of PCB Recycling Machine                                  

1.Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance and low noise.
2. Uniform feed full production line adopts PLC control, coordinated operation.
3. three-stage crushing, handling capacity per hour 1200kg.
Crushing chamber with circulating water temperature control and noise reduction.
4.full production line using negative pressure feeding effectively reduce dust overflow.
Back feeding system so crushed more efficient.
5. Airflow separation equipment sorting rate of 97 to 99%.
6. Pulse dust removal equipment efficiency up to 99.99%.
7. high voltage electrostatic sorter sorting the finer more efficient, effective control of non-ferrous metal loss.
8. Complete production line of high disposal bridge and guardrail convenient access real-time monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.
9. waste and scrap the device settings hydraulic system to facilitate the replacement of wearing parts, improve

Application of  PCB Recycling Machine

PCB Recycling Machine is applicable to recycle mother boards of PC,waste circuit boards from mouse, telephone and TV, trimming of copper clad laminate (CCL) etc.

pcb recycling machine

waste pcb

Final product of PCB Recycling machine

pcb machine

PCB recycling machine final product

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