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New methods solution of municipal solid waste

Date:2014-02-17 14:51:50 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

As people's living standards improving, municipal waste ( waste tyres, waste plastic , waste rubber, etc. ) increasing, to become one of the major issues affecting the human environment and social development, in many cities has been caught being surrounded by garbage, sight of the world is no longer just on how to stay in control and destroyed the problem of garbage, but take a positive attitude and effective measures to begin to deal with garbage in useful way, to make the waste as to maintain economic development "Second resources".  Asking resource and energy from waste (waste tyres, waste plastic and waste rubber).

Disposal methods of existing solid waste

The goal to solve the waste problem is to make waste volume reduction, recycling energy and innocent processing. There have three way, landfill, burningand pyrolysis to fuel oil. The most widely used technique is pyrolysis to fuel oil.

Limitations of landfill and burning

Landfill site selection increasingly difficult with a large area, while there is a serious secondary pollution maybe occurred, such as leach ate can contaminate groundwater and soil, garbage piled produce the stench seriously affect the air quality around the site, in addition, methane gas is both fire and explosion hazards garbage fermentation emissions into the atmosphere and will produce the greenhouse effect.

Waste pyrolysis to fuel oil

Waste pyrolysis to fuel oil refers to the anaerobic or anoxic conditions, heat organic with high temperature, make organic matter into small molecules into the gas until obtain a combustible gas and a small amount of oil. Now this pyrolysis to fuel oil is widely considered to be the new waste treatment technology of the 21st century.

The final products fuel oil can be as a fuel used for ordinary boilers, industrial boilers and the use of food processing industry, but also can be for heating, cooling and power generation. From pyrolysis we also can be get carbon black and steel wire.

Waste plastics refining to oil technology

To sorting various plastic, add into plastic refining reactor with high temperature to heating, then to fuel oil stored to the oil tank, after the distillation system with some chemical can be get diesel oil. These methods in Xinxiang DOING renewable equipment energy co., ltd have been well achieved.

Xinxiang DOING renewable equipment energy co., ltd is a leader to producing waste tyre pyrolysis recycling machine, waste plastic refinery to oil plant, waste rubber pyrolysis oil refining projects, waste engine oil refining distillation to diesel equipment. Etc. warmly welcome your inquiries!

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