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  • Vietnam installed two sets 12T waste tire to oil recycling plant
  • One set 12T waste tire to oil pyrolysis plant was installed in the Philippines
  • One set waste tyre to oil recycling plant installed in Gansu, China
  • 4 sets 12T/D used tyre recycling to oil machines being installed in Fujian, China

Where are the scrap tires going?

Date:2013-06-26 20:30:41 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Generally, the tyres/tires on a car need to be changed every 30,000 miles or so. This means that a car that runs for 100,000 miles will have its tyres/tires changed many times. Up to a dozen or more tyres/tires could be used on a single car before it finally stops running, so exploring the ways to recycle those waste/scrap tyres/tires is an important task.

Nowadays there are multiple tyre/tire recycling plants out. With more and more people can do business on recycling tires, making some profits and helping to save the environment, many might wonder what kinds of things the tyres/tires will be used for in the long term. There are a lot of different uses for recycled tires, some of which people have been doing for years, as well as some new found ways. Many of these plants are in the tire recycling industry for more than just profits.

One of the more recent trends is using recycling tires as rubberized asphalt. This trend is centered on HMA, which is traditional hot mix asphalt. The recycled tire rubber is being mixed in with warm mix asphalt blends in a makeup that is saving energy and emissions. This strategy has been serving a two pronged favor for the environment, by first recycling the tyres/tires and then establishing an asphalt production idea that is certainly more eco friendly than some of the traditional asphalt creations.

Someone extracts fuel from recycled tires. Recycled tires have also found use in landscaping as an alternative to traditional mulch. The rubber tyre/tire mulch alternative is known for its good insulation for soil, as it has a tendency to let plenty of nutrients and water in. Recycled tires have also been known recently for their use in other automobile parts such as gaskets and mud flaps.
Of course there are numerous other uses for recycled tyre/tires, but these remain some of the more popular options. As more tyres/tires are being recycled and new things are being tested, there’s certain to be even more products that can be created from scrap and recycled tires in the future.  

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