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The necessity of using tyre recycling machine dispose the waste tyres

Date:2013-06-26 20:27:07 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Firstly, let us see the harm of waste tyres/tyres to our environment. Incorrect methods of disposal of waste tyres can cause hazards to our environment as the numbers continuously increase without any action taken.Every day, worldwide, approximately 2 million passenger vehicle and truck tires are manufactured. There is a rapid increase in the amount of waste tyres  with the increasing number of motor vehicles in the world, Large quantities of waste tyres are causing serious environmental issues regarding their disposal. Waste tyres are gathered from a number of sources, including scrap yards, garages and used tire retailers. Illegal dumping or open burning can be seen everywhere. The main reason for this problem is that waste tires are not bio-degradable and can last 100 years or more if proper handling is not carried out. Statistics shown that in 1996, 80 million tons of waste tyres are disposed off worldwide and this number is increasing, yearly. At the present time, there is a perfect approach to recycle waste tyres which is disposing the scrap tyres with tires recycling equipment. The whole pyrolysis system named waste tire recycling machine is composed by 13 parts, which are reactor, transmission device, catalytic chamber, cooling tube, heavy tank, oil-water separator, condenser, light oil tank, safety device, vacuum system, dedusting system, draft fan, chimney.

The two keys of pyrolysis plant are reactor and cooling system.

Reactor directly decides the machine''s safety and service life. It is made by welded steel plate. So the quality of welding will have a direct impact on safety and service life. Therefore, we use automatic welding machine, X rays detection and heating treatment which will not only guarantee the quality of welding but also greatly improve working efficiency.

For cooling systems, there are two steps. Cooling pipe is the first step. The second is condenser. We have three condensers. And there are 57 pipes in one condenser. Diameter is 48mm for one small pipe. The heat exchanging area is about 13square meters for one condenser. So the total cooling area is about 40 square meters, which will guarantee you a high oil yield.

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