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The four standards of equipment for environment protection

Date:2013-06-26 17:28:11 / Industry Trends/ Give me the price/Leave a message

With the development of recycling economy and renewable energy industry, more and more waste plastic/tires recycling machines or named  scrap tires refining machines are produced all over the world, but can all meet environmental standards? Today, let’s see how to judge environmental standards of the equipment for processing of tires meet or not together.
To judge environmental standards of the equipment for processing of tires meet or not is as follows:

1. Two parts about water treatment. One is a condenser, processing without any pollution. Another one is dedusting system, the circulating water used, can evaporate, and so discharge nothing.

2. Two parts of waste residue in the process. One is from the reactor waste residue by high temperature, which is non-toxic and tasteless, can be applied to the work of carbon black, and be used for building materials. The other is the burning of coal slag surplus, can also be used for building materials. The two parts of waste reside in the process emit nothing.

3. Three parts to treat exhaust gas. The first one is the draft fan, can meet environmental protection standards by recovering the two burning into the filter the second one is the coal dust by the draught fan to draw the filter, which can be discharged by a chimney, so as to ensure the dust emission to meet GB13271.-2001standards The last one is the reactor, which is made by welded steel plate. So the quality of welding will have a direct impact on safety and service life. Therefore, we use automatic welding machine, X rays detection and heating treatment which will not only guarantee the quality of welding but also greatly improve working efficiency.

4. The equipment about processing noise. It is very important for us to select the equipment of low fan noise, which can ensure the noise below 60 decibels, power noise and feeding machine noise less than 50decibels. Around the material and green trees, the ambient noise can be ensured below 50 decibels (day ),45 dB ( night ).

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