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Believe waste plastic pyrolysis machine can dispose waste plastic in better way

Date:2013-06-26 14:23:52 / Industry Trends

Industry analysts believe that, although the prospects of recycled plastics industry looks brighter, actually of the development process, there still has a lot of problems to face .On one hand, due to the source of the regeneration plastic is wide, the quality is uneven, the batch performance is different, resulting in quality stability is relatively low on the other hand, recycled plastic cost is relatively high, and has 30%-50% higher than the price of virgin plastics. In addition, the overall situation of the present recycled plastics industry, the domestic waste plastics recycling enterprises are more medium-sized enterprises, and relatively dispersed. The recycling of waste plastics has a complex process, the technical requirements need relatively high standards. But the process of domestic recycled plastics industry is still to physical recovery, no doubt to some extent hindered the development of the whole industry process. However, Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd has provided that productions of , waste plastics processing equipment, automatic processing system can dispose waste plastic in a better way.

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