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Air-separator delivered to Shantou

Date:2016-06-15 15:59:08 / Copper wire recycling machine/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Air-separator delivered to Shantou

Air-separator is also named as gravity separator, it is a kind of sorting equipments, which can separate the powder mixture into light and heavy materials by using the air suspension principle. The air-separator is widely used in e-waste recycling project, such as cable wire recycling machine, PCB recycling, etc.
As we have been specizlied in the e-waste recycling mahcinery for more than 10 years, we have accumulate rich experiences on manufacturing all kinds of equipments for the e-waste recycling machine. Air-separator is just one of our procducts. Now our products are popular both in China local market and international market.
Last week, we just delivered one air-separator to Shantou city of Guangdong Province. The customer has the cable wire recycling machine bought from other supplier last year, but nor more than 1 year use, the air-separator is damaged and cannot be used any more. So he had to buy a new air-separator. After visited at least 4 factories, finally he decided to buy the air-separator from us. Now the air-separator has been arrived at customer’s factory. The customer is very satisfied of our product and service.
If you’re also in the e-waste recycling business, and want to buy good quality product, welcome you come to our factory for a visiting.

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