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Scrap copper wire stripping machine for sale

Date:2016-03-10 16:11:23 / Copper wire recycling machine/ Give me the price/Leave a message

Scrap copper wire stripping machine

Scrap copper wire stripping machine are so popular across the recycling businesses as they do not only help decrease pollution on earth, and reduce the unnecessary wastes by totally reusing and repurposing old plastic, aluminum and copper for brand new machinery or globally used product, they are also extremely proficient in generating a new form of revenue for any Industry that is looking to incorporate them in their recycling.

copper wire stripping machine

Copper wire stripping machine

If you demand a streamlined process for your scrap cable business then this is the machine for you. Start making REAL money when it comes to recycling scrap cables, forget about doing everything by hand and limiting you ability to make the cash you know is out there, the real profit. Recycle copper, fiber optio wire, telephone wire, computer wires, e-waste wires and more. Henan Doing produced the scrap copper wire stripping machine can help you get copper and plastic.
Scrap copper wire stripping machine working processing

scrap copper wire recycling machine

Scrap copper wire stripping machine  working process

1.We directly put waste copper wire in to copper wire stripping machine,waste copper wire and used cale is cut into granules
2.Then granules are sent to vibration device for separation ,through wind and virbration ,the coppe and plastic are separated
3.Then pure copper come from one side and pure plastic come out form the other side
4.we can collect pyre copper and plastic ,the separatid rate can reach 99.9%
Scrap copper wire stripping machine advantage

1. Equipped with PCL control system and air separation
2. Reliable operation, low noise and large handling capacity
3. Recycling 99.99% copper from scrap copper wires or cables
4.Only 2 workers to operate the whole system
5.Cable diameter under 25mm can be processed
6.No pollution

Scrap copper wire stripping machine final product

Final product of scarp copper wire stripping machine



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