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Wire Stripper machine

Date:2015-11-20 15:14:25 / Copper wire recycling machine/ Give me the price/Leave a message

copper  granulator machine

Waste copper cables

We all know that copper wire can be recycled by  wire strippers machine and copper wire granulators. While when it comes to their advantages, how many  do you know? Here let’s see it together.

As to  wire stripper machine, the machine utilizes a cutter to directly rip off an opening on the surface of the insulator so that the copper wire in it to be brought out. In this process, the shape of copper wire won’t be changed. That’s to say, no matter how long is your scrap copper wire, the copper wire you can get will be the same length as it used to be. So it may save a lot of trouble and can be used many other special needs for copper core. Besides, this machine usually has different shaped wire input holes like flat wire hole, round wire hole, square wire hole. So you it will meet your varied needs for copper wire scraping. In addition to that, copper wire stripper has wide application in copper wire recycling also dues to its wide dia. range of application from 1mm to 100mm. Last but not the least, copper wire stripper usually has very smaller volume, so it is quite easy for you to move them here and there. Also because of this, copper wire stripper cost you less. It really is ‘less cost brings you endless return’.

While universal machine doesn’t exist, so does our copper wire stripper. For example, most recycling centers will also receive a lot of miscellaneous wire and cable. How could they separate and make them straight them one by one then strip them? This will cost a lot of time, energy as well as labor. Most importantly, not profitable to do it. Then what can they do? Copper granulator will be the best choice.

wire stripping machine

                                                                                    Wire stripper machine

Copper cable granulator operates on the crushing and separating principle to first grind and crush the copper wire or cable and separate copper granules from insulation granules. So there is no need to worry about their shapes even if they are intertwined together. What’s worth most of your attention is that copper granulator adopts secondary shredding which ensures superior purity of copper. Thirdly, copper granulator can also satisfy your varied copper wire processing needs with dia. application no more than 40mm and different processing amount for your selection. Fourthly, this machine has very good de-dusting system which will avoid environment pollution. Fifthly, mounted on stainless steel allows you easy installation and movement. Lastly, copper granulator not only owns the property of wire stripper in processing copper wire with popular insulation like PVC or rubber, copper granulator 800 can also be used for processing enameled wire.
All in all, in scrap copper wire recycling, both copper wire stripper and copper cable granulator have their own features and advantages. So both of them can be your nice hand, just choose them according to the amount and actual situation of your scrap copper wire. They deserve it. We will always be here with you in developing the best machines. Welcome your coming.


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