How to start a groundnut oil processing business with limited funds?

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As we all know, as people pay more and more attention to food safety, the oil business has become extremely hot. Peanut oil, which occupies a large position in the oil category, has also attracted everyone's attention. According to reports from local customers in Africa, peanut oil is in short supply, but everyone wants to know how to do peanut oil business with limited funds. Today I will answer you.

1. First of all, we know that the most important equipment to press peanut oil is the oil press. If the budget is not high, we can start from the most important equipment to purchase an oil press. The oil press machine from Henan Glory is carefully developed by many engineers with experience in oil extraction, which is convenient and simple to operate, with high oil output efficiency, and the residual oil rate is only 5%-6%.

700-450榨油机.jpgPeanut oil press machine

2. If you have a medium budget, you can choose to add a frying pan before the oil press to adjust the moisture content and texture of the peanuts to increase the oil yield, and add a peanut oil filter after the oil press to filter the peanut oil. Removing Impurities make peanut oil clear and translucent. This is a small peanut oil production line. If you want to expand production in the future, you can also expand production on the basis of the original machine.

700-394小型食用油生产线.jpgSmall peanut oil production line

3. If your budget is sufficient and have lots of raw materials, you can consider a large peanut oil production line. The specific equipment is customized by our engineers according to the needs of customers. If necessary, you can contact Henan Glory Oil & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd at any time.

Here is a profit analysis for you:

500kg per day input peanut oil processing machine
Daily peanut raw material investment cost
Daily peanut oil income
500kg*45%*3$/kg= 675$
Daily peanut cake income500kg*50%*0.3$/kg=75$
Daily profits675$+75$-500$=250$

If you also want to use limited funds to do peanut oil business, Henan Glory Oil & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will be a good choice for you.

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