What are the steps to start a small scale soybean oil processing plant?

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Soybean oil occupies a more and more important position in the world's edible oil production and consumption. Therefore, many entrepreneurs want to enter the soybean oil processing industry to make considerable profits. For newcomers who just joined in the soybean oil processing industry, they can start with a small scale soybean oil processing plant through the following four steps.

Step 1: Select soybean oil processing plant site

The site selection of soybean oil processing plant should follow the characteristics of convenient transportation and stable water&electricity supply. And the size and layout of the plant can be planned according to machine footprint and professional advice of equipment supplier.

On one hand, investors can prepare land or lease existing warehouses as plant sites. On the other hand, investors can start small scale complete production lines in industrial parks that conform to local construction planning principles.

Step 2: Purchase soybean oil processing machines

It's recommended to purchase soybean oil processing machines from professional manufacturers according to the requirements of processing capacity, automation degree, and your own investment budget. The price of the equipment purchased in this way is more favorable, and the equipment quality is more guaranteed.

As a professional manufacturer of edible oil processing machine, Henan Glory Company can not only customize you a single soybean oil press machine, but also a simple or complete small soybean oil production line.

700-333大豆油生产设备.jpgSoybean oil production line

Step 3: Apply for relevant licenses

Generally speaking, the most basic licenses required for starting a small scale soybean oil processing plant are business license and hygienic permit. Licenses required for starting soybean oil processing plant may vary from places to places, you can confirm and apply for relevant licenses according to the requirements of your local government department.

Step 4: Complete the plant civil work

After getting the relevant licenses, you can carry out the civil work of the soybean oil processing plant according to the factory planning drawing, equipment layout drawing, building condition drawing and equipment basic condition drawing, etc. The installation space should be reserved in advance, and when the soybean oil processing machines arrive, install them according to the installation manual and guidance of the engineer.

20220126163527_副本.jpgSoybean oil processing plant

Henan Glory Company has helped customers in more than 60 countries and regions install the edible oil processing plants smoothly. No matter big or small scale soybean oil processing plant you want to start, we can customize you the most suitable soybean oil processing machine and all-around technical support for you to put into soybean oil production as soon as possible! Welcome to contact for for detailed solutions!

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