Large groundnut oil processing plant

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Groundnut oil processing plant includes three sections from groundnut seeds pretreament to refining the crude groundnut oil. They are groundnut pretreatment plant, groundnut cake solvent extraction plant and groundnut oil refinery plant.

Here I mainly introduce the 120TPD groundnut oil processing plant in details. They are 120T/D groundnut pretreatment an pre-pressing plant, 120T/D groundnut oil solvent extraction plant, 40T/D full continuous groundnut oil refinery plant.

1. 120TPD groundnut pretreatment and pre-pressing plant

Groundnut pretreatment plant is the first important section of groundnut oil processing machine. Only when the groundnuts are processed to the appropriate condition can the oil yield of press and extraction be ensured. The following is the introduction of the equipment:

groundnut oil processing machineMachines in 120TPD groundnut pretreatment plant

Vibrating screen:

The two layer screen and dust removal web can move the impurities in the soybean. The vertical suction duct can move the dust and light impurities and guarantee the environment in the workshop.

Gravity stone machine:

It can isolate the stone continuous in the soybean and separate the heavy and light materials. There are two layer screen in this machine. The upper screen is used to separate the light and heavy materials. The lower screen is used to separate the glass, stone, metal, etc from the heavy materials.

Toothed roll crusher:

Toothed roll crusher can break the soybean even without oil and clouds. The effect is good.

Flaking roll:

In order to get the high quality flaking cake, the best flaking roll is important. We use the advanced YYPY series flaking roll with big capacity. The hydraulic roll can ensure the pressure and distance to get the high quality flaking cake.

Plate dryer:

The water content of flaking cake is about 12%. The best water content of solvent extraction is 9%, so we must use dryer to get the best water content.

In the groundnut pretreatment plant of groundnut oil processing machine, our excellent conveyor with high transmission efficiency can be flexible according to the process arrangement. The cleaning  system use the vibrating screen with dust removal web which can reduce the environmental pollution and ensure the health of the operator.

Technical specification index(based on per ton groundnut feed quantity)

Power consumption:<28KWH/per ton material
The big impurities in soybean (%):< 1%
Steam consumption(Pressure 6Kgf/cm2):Ø<120kg/per ton material
Crushing parts:Ø4~6
Water content in soften:Ø9~11%
Temperature in soften(℃):Ø75~90℃
The thickness of flaking cake:0.25~0.3mm
Drying water content(%):7~9%

2. 120TPD groundnut oil solvent extraction plant

Groundnut oil solvent extraction plant is the second section in groundnut oil processing machine. Consider the user's requirement, with the recent home and abroad new craft develop direction, and think about long term actual production case, the following equipment are best choice to be used in groundnut oil solvent extraction plant.

groundnut oil processing machineThe flow chart of groundnut oil solvent extraction plant

Rotocel extractor:

Use frequency-variable speed adjust, timely adjust the rotate speed and processing amount according to the production case, chain drive, running stably and safely, use stainless steel fix grid sheet, for the leacher, relative big left area, fit for enlarge the production later days, at the same time, the relative high materials layer more fit for the extraction effect,use 18 grids design, avoid thick mix oil fallen back to the materials fallen grid, increase horizontal grid sheet, for circulating solvent pump use drive pump with big flow, low lift, good seal, small consumption, no noise, stable running.

D.T.D.C system:

This tower has five layers. The first and second layer is pre-Desolventizer layer, the bottom has indirect steam to heat, the third layer is main Desolventizer layer, and the forth and fifth layer is drying layer.

The advantages of this structure:

1. Resonable jet steam structure can ensure the steam has low temperature, energy consumption is much lower than before.

2. Compared to traditional DTDC, our DTDC works in close condition, desolventize  the wet meal high efficiently. And we adopts reasonable direct steam uniform  distribution to ensure lowest solvent residual in meal.

3. The meal stays same time period in each part of the DCDT. So product quality is  steady.
4. The evapo-separated machine steam phase temperature can be automaticly adjusted by control the steam consumption.
5. This DTDC has pre-desolventize layer, which solve the cake dark color problem. Final product cake color is very good and welcomed by clients.

Filling type thin film absorption tower:

Adopts SS corrugated plate padding, has large superficial area, mass transfer efficiency is high. Based on same efficiency, but less diameter and tower height. High recycling rate, and less energy consumption.

Layer stripper:

New type,strong ability to remove off the solvent,and avoid the left solvent content high or low now and again due to the steam  waving, the crude oil volatiles drastically down, ensure the refining safety.Due to the flange link among the tower disc, so it is easy to maintain and cleanse.

3. 40TPD groundnut oil full continuous refinery plant

Groundnut oil refinery plant is the last section in groundnut oil processing machine. This process can make the crude groundnut oil become Class 1,2,3,4 groundnut oil. The following equipment are used in groundnut oil refinery plant.

groundnut oil processing machineMain machines in groundnut oil refinery plant

Disk type centrifugal separator:

Apply current advanced process combining with traditional chemical and international-popular physical refining. We adopt Jiangsu Yixing sentrifugal, steady and good product quality.

Centrifugal mixer:

Mixer is centrifugal type. With this machine, material liquid can be mixed with acuity in a short time to meet the requirement of process.  Combining with short mix and long mix process makes the process more reasonable, and ensures refining effectiveness.

Vacuum drier:

Dewater continuous vacuum drier with stainless padding has high drying efficiency;

Vertical leaf filter machine:

Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove used bentonite from the oil, operating conveniently and continuously , low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level.

Continous decolorizing tower:

The machine material is Carbon steel. We have designed the “Cycling evaporation stirred decolorizing tower”, its layer structure can effectively reduce material short circuit, which can ensure the decolorized time. Cycling evaporation avoids the dead angle situation, white clay and oil mix evenly, less air leak and oil oxidation, all keeps good decolorizing effect. No mechanical drive parts, based on safety running, reduce the machine maintainence times and costs.

Deodorization device (combined packing tower):

Combined three parts by "flash tower", retention machine and column packing deodorization tower. The equipment’s physical deacid capacity is much higher than plate type deodorization tower, steam consumption is only one-third of the layer plate deodorization tower. To process high quality, low cost oil, we offer the professional technology and equipment guarantee.

Economic & technical Index of 40TPD groundnut oil refinery plant

( degumming, deacidification, bleaching, deodorization)

Power consumption≤28 KWH/ton oil
Steam consumption≤360~420 Kg/ton oil
White earth consumption≤8~20 kg/ ton oil
Caustic soda≤7 kg/ ton oil(according to crude oil acid)
Phosphoric acid≤1.0 kg/ ton oil
Water consumptionCirculating water60~65t/h
Water consumption0.25~0.3t/ton oil

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We can offer the whole groundnut oil processing plant with turnkey service, capacity from 10 to 2000TPD or more. For some special capacity and requirements, our professional engineers can help you design and install groundnut oil processing machine. Welcom to inquiry and visit!

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