Groundnut oil extraction process machinery

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Groundnut oil extraction process machinery introduction:
Adopts the most advanced groundnut oil extraction process technology to ensure high efficiency, economical and reliable crude groundnut oil extraction process. Cooperated with vacuum evaporation oil extraction design, solvent condensation and tail gas recovery system, the oil extractor can obtain crude groundnut oil with high oil yield, low residual oil, low solvent consumption, and low equipment failure.

groundnut oil extraction process machinery

Groundnut oil extraction process machinery

Groundnut oil extraction process flow diagram:

groundnut oil extraction process flow chart

Groundnut oil extraction process flow diagram

Groundnut oil extraction process equiments:

1.Roary extractor: Spray and soak the pretreatment peanut/groundnut with solvent so that oil fats can be dissolved in solvent(form miscella). After processing, you can get wet meal and miscella (mixed oil) .

2.DTDC: It is usd to separate the solvent from the wet meal.

3.Miscella tanks:It is uesed for purifying miscella will be pumped into it.

4.1st evaporator, 2nd evaporator: used to separate the solvent from the oil. After this process,the solvent can be removed 85%.

5.Miscella stripping: it will remove the remaining solvent in miscella. And the solvent will be discharged to condenser for recycling.

6.condensers: used to cooling the solvent gas separated from the wet meal and miscella for recycling.

groundnut oil extraction process machine

Grounfnut oil extraction process machinery

Groundnut oil extraction process machinery introduction:

1. High efficiency and longer time extraction ensures perfect extraction results. We designs peanut/groundnut oil extraction line with durable stainless steel fixed grid plate and increases horizontal grid plats. This advanced design can prevent miscella in case of flowing back to blanking case and ensures high quality extracting crude oil.

2. Strong ability of Desolventizing. Desovlentizer toast can adjust the color, flavor and taste of peanut/groundnut meal, reduce residual solvent, and guarantee the lowest solvent consumption and safety of peanut/groundnut meal.

3. Negative pressure evaporation to separate miscella efficiently. The vacuum evaporation technology will separate liquid miscella on basis of different vaporization temperatures with low solvent leakage and consumption.

4. Vacuum evaporation with high efficiency de-solvation. The secondary steam of desolventizer toaster together with remaining steam from steam jet pump is being used as heat source, can save energy and reduce condenser configuration area.

5. Perfect solvent condensation with low residual oil. Combined with evaporation system, solvent condensation system of peanut oil extraction process line can separate crude peanut/groundnut oil and solvent totally. The gas tail gas goes to paraffin recovery process. Our groundnut oil extraction machine widely used to extract various kinds of oil materials, like soybean, sunflower seeds,peanut, sesame,rapeseeds, flax seed, camellia, cotton seed, cashew, hemp seed, linseeds, coconut,and all the oil content crops.

groundnut oil extraction machine

Groundnut oil process machine

We assure the most precise design, high quality Peanut/Groundnut Oil Extraction Process Machinery, mature project installation, and perfect after sale services.

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