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Cooking oil extractor mainly includes rotocel extractor,loop type extractor and towline extractor.According to different raw material , we adopt different machine type,
and we adopt D.T.D.C desolventizer machine,full negative pressure evaporation and paraffin recycling equipment at the same time . Rotocel extractor is the most commonly used cooking oil extractor,rotocel extractor with high quality,advanced technology,high safety,interlocking control,automatic control,stable operation,low consumption,low oil residue and high quality final products.
Capacity of our rotocel extractor is : 10-3000T/D

rotocel extractor

Rotocel extractor

The rotocel extractor works: the transmission to drive the rotor and the rotor material within the rotation by a fixed sprinkler system mixed oil spray, soak, drain,rinse with fresh solvent in order to achieve the extraction of material oil. After taking the oil feed meal after a feeding device unloaded out.

cooking oil extraction machine

40tpd rotocel extractor machine

Rice bran extraction process uses a combination of spray soaking the pan and filter extractor. It is connected together along a peripheral direction of the tank group extractor.

Annular cylindrical shell extractor, there can be rotated horizontal axis of rotation, the cylinder is divided into many partitions grid, each grid is actually a small extractor.

edible oil solvent extraction machine

Edible oil solvent extraction machine

It can be continuous loading, leaching, drain and unloading operations. After steaming fried rice bran material inside the embryo is mounted on the grid,the thickness of about 1.2m, leaching temperature is maintained at about 60 ℃. Entering the extraction solvent should be preheated to 45-50 ℃,ratio of solvent to rice bran parison is (1.15-1.25): 1, the speed of the leaching 90-120r / min. Solvent and rice bran meet in countercurrent extractor, extraction cycle,when the oil content to be solvent reached 18% -20%, will they pump into the filter separator, where the separation of mixed bran meal powder. Bran meal meal from the discharge port.

Any questions about the rotocel extractor,weclome to contact us ,our engineer will give you a feasibility program according to your capacity and require.

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