How long does it take to set up a Groundnut Oil Mill Plant?

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As the most common cooking oil, groundnut oil contains phospholipids, vitamins, choline and other substances beneficial to the human body, which can prevent skin aging, improve human brain memory, delay brain function decline and many other benefits. Therefore, more and more people want to invest in groundnut oil production business, so they ask Henan Glory Company: How long does it take to build a groundnut oil mill plant? Here, Henan Glory Company will provide you with reference through the following analysis.

The area and construction time of the groundnut oil mill plant depends on the customer's processing capacity. Here I will introduce three options for customers to choose from.

Option 1: If the customer has a limited budget and a small processing capacity, for example, only about 1-20 tons of raw materials need to be processed every day, one groundnut oil press can meet the customer's needs. In this case, the establishment of the plant is very fast, and only a vacant lot is needed, and the oil press is installed and ready for operation.

Different types of groundnut oil presses.jpgDifferent types of groundnut oil presses

Option 2: If the customer has a sufficient budget and a processing capacity of 1-50 tons per day, and wants to obtain higher quality groundnut oil, then the customer needs a certain space to accommodate a small scale groundnut oil production line. The equipment included in the small scale groundnut oil production line mainly includes: roastor, conveyor, oil press, filter, filling machine, etc. However, the small scale groundnut oil production line is simple to install, and it can be completed in less than a week from the construction of the plant to the operation.

Small scale groundnut oil production line.jpgSmall scale groundnut oil production line

Option 3: When the customer's processing capacity is 50-1000 tons per day, it is necessary to build a medium and large scale groundnut oil mill plant, and a complete set of equipment is required to ensure the oil yield. For example, cleaning equipment is used to clean soil, stone and metal from raw materials; the flaking machine will eventually roll the groundnuts into flakes, thereby increasing the oil yield. The cooker is used to adjust the temperature and moisture of the groundnuts prior to pressing, so that they reach optimal pressing conditions. After pressing, there are filters to remove impurities and moisture from the oil. The plant construction plan is relatively time-consuming, but once completed, due to the high oil yield of the large scale groundnut oil production line, considerable profits will soon be obtained.

Large scale groundnut oil production line.jpgLarge scale groundnut oil production line

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