What are the purchasing options for groundnut oil extraction machine?

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Groundnut oil has a strong aroma and good flavor. This oil is rich in various unsaturated fatty acids. It is a vegetable oil favored by consumers. Many groundnut oi mill plants will consider what kind of configuration to buy when planning and constructing a groundnut oil extraction machine.

If the investor just wants to do self-extracting oil, it is enough to be a small groundnut oil mill plant with a roaster and an groundnut oil press. Henan Glory can provide three types of groundnut oil presses for you to choose from: screw oil press, automatic temperature control oil press, and combined oil press. You can choose according to your actual needs and budget. If the oil mill plant wants to form a large-scale production and sell it to the supermarket, then the processing capacity is relatively large, and it needs to be equipped with more equipment. In large-scale production, the conversion of groundnuts from oil to edible oil needs to go through the pretreatment stage, the pressing stage, the filtration stage and the refining stage, and the equipment selected for each stage is also different.

Three types of groundnut oil presses.jpgThree types of groundnut oil presses

Pretreatment stage

Groundnuts need to be washed, hulled, sieved, crushed, embryo pressed, and cooked. Change the shape of the groundnuts by processing, adjust the moisture and temperature of the groundnuts, and adjust the groundnuts to the most suitable state for oil extraction. In the process, oil mills need to purchase cleaning equipment, crusher, flaking machine and cooker.

Groundnut oil processing machine in pretreatment stage.jpgGroundnut oil processing machine in pretreatment stage

Pressing stage and filtering stage

The pretreated groundnuts are sent to the oil press for oil extraction. Usually, Henan Glory will recommend that you install a filter after the oil press to improve the taste and transparency of the groundnut oil.

Refining stage

The filtered crude groundnut oil enters the refining stage. In the groundnut oil refining production line, Henan Glory engineers will configure different types of cooking oil refining machine for you according to your actual output. The processing capacity of 1-20tpd is suitable for batch type refining machine. 20-50tpd, optional semi-continuous type refining machine. More than 50tpd need to use full continuous type refining machine.

Different types of cooking oil refining machine.jpgDifferent types of cooking oil refining machine

Finally, what Glory wants to tell you is that even oil plants of the same scale produce different grades and qualities of oils and fats, and require different equipment. Taking fragrant groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil as an example, fragrant groundnut oil pays attention to the flavor of the oil, so during the processing process, more attention will be paid to retaining the aroma and nutrients of the oil. The focus of refined groundnut oil is the health of the oil. After multiple refining processes, the color and aroma of the oil are slightly lower than those of fragrant groundnut oil. The standard of edible oil can satisfy some people's pursuit of the concept of healthy life.

Generally speaking, the plan of the complete set of groundnut oil extraction machine varies according to the output and grade requirements of the oil mill. If you want to know the investment cost, you still need to communicate carefully with the machinery and equipment factory, and let the engineering and technical personnel of the manufacturer give you a quotation to facilitate your production.(Recommend reading: Large groundnut oil processing plant)

Complete set of groundnut oil extraction machine.jpgComplete set of groundnut oil extraction machine

As a professional manufacturer of cooking oil extraction machine, Henan Glory Company can not only provide you with a complete set of groundnut oil extraction machine, but also provide you with one-to-one customized solution services. If you are interested in cooking oil production business, please contact us.

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